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Due to the nature of the blog most of my entries can be found under the 'Creativity, Articles and News’ section. I will usually publish new material each week. On what I like to call 'Double Entry Friday' I shall post two entries for you to enjoy. Of course this could change in the future.

I have created this section called 'Works List' so you can easily locate any particular piece of work you want to read.  

The works list and the date they were uploaded onto this site can be found below:

News Posts:
-Welcome Everyone! (28/02/2014)
-Just A Thank You (29/04/2014)

Voting Systems:
-Reading Genres (The Poll) (03/03/2014)
-Reading Genres (The Results) (07/03/2014)
-Writing Blog Improvements (The Poll) (06/06/2014)
-Writing Blog Improvements (The Results) (06/06/2014)
-Quiz Subject (The Poll) (08/08/2014)
-Quiz Subject (The Results) (15/08/2014)

-Quiz 1: Reading and Writing (1) (09/05/2014)
-Quiz 2: Films and Movies (1) (15/08/2014)

Current Prose:
-Washing Away My Guilt (07/03/2014)
-Flying Solo (04/04/2014)
-The Voice from the Cornfield (18/04/2014)
-Viewing From Above (23/05/2014)
-Inside The Stadium (04/07/2014)
-Hidden Treasures (22/08/2014)
-Stuffed Toys (06/09/2014)
-The Moon (03/10/2014)
-Stay Safe (26/10/2014)
-Taken Over By Me (31/10/2014)
-Super Sheila (23/11/2014)
-Sixty Seconds (23/01/2015)
-Fire (29/03/2015)
-The Ducks (07/06/2015)
-Wicken Woods (31/10/2015)
-This Frozen Day (18/03/2016)
-Earliest Memory (30/06/2016)
-The Hallowed Wish (31/10/2016)
-Sand (31/03/2017)

Current Poetry:
-Mr Jackal (28/02/2014)
-The Journey to Paradise (02/05/2014)
-The Beach for the Chosen One (01/08/2014)
-When I Hear The Sirens (19/09/2014)
-Rising into the Sky (06/03/2015)
-Star (25/09/2015)
-Trembling Beauty (24/02/2016)
-Kite Flying In The Autumn Night (29/04/2016)
-Fading Away In Seven Days (30/09/2016)

Current Scripts:
-A Bitter Taste (07/03/14)
-You Cannot Share Everything (11/04/2014)
-The Chair and I (11/07/2014)
-Melody Delilah (Scene 1) (19/10/2014)
-Melody Delilah (Scene 2) (15/11/2014)
-Melody Delilah (Scene 3) (14/12/2014)
-Melody Delilah (Scene 4) (14/12/2014)

Current Articles:
-What is Crohn's Disease? (The Basics) (21/03/2014)
-What is Dyspraxia? (The Basics) (18/04/2014)
-Stunning YouTube Videos (1): April Edition (25/04/2014)
-Stunning YouTube Videos (2): May Edition (30/05/2014)
-Crohn's Disease Makes The Headlines (19/06/2014)
-Stunning YouTube Videos (3): June Edition (27/06/2014)
-Stunning YouTube Videos (4): July Edition (25/07/2014)
-Stunning YouTube Videos (5): August Edition (29/08/2014)
-Stunning YouTube Videos (6): Christmas 2014 Edition (21/12/2014)
-Stunning YouTube Videos (7): January/February 2015 Edition (26/02/2015)
-Stunning YouTube Videos (8): Mid-2015 Edition (13/07/2015)
-Stunning YouTube Videos (9): Summer 2015 Edition (16/09/2015)

Current ‘My Life’:
-Iceland (21/03/2014)
-Who is Jake Borrett? (1) (26/09/2014)
-Extra! Extra! Read All About It! (08/11/2014)
-New Year's Resolutions (2015) (09/01/2015)
-Looking Back, Looking Ahead (10/01/2016)
-The Lesson Learnt From 2016 (23/12/2016)
-Jake Borrett and Rufus Lakin’s Canada Adventure (December 2016 - January 2017) (29/01/2017)

Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis:
-...Every Brave Fighter... (16/05/2014)
-More Than Just 'Imaginary' (12/09/2014)
-Next Stop: Colonoscopies and Endoscopies (14/02/2015)
-To My Fellow IBDers (World IBD Day 2015) (19/05/2015)
-A Six Letter Diagnosis (23/06/2015)
-A Diary Note on Diet (30/08/2015)
-Brighter Future Days (05/12/2015)
-The Inflammatory Bowel Disease Community (19/05/2016)
-Summer 2016 Snapshot of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Dyspraxia (12/08/2016)
-Thoughts From Inside The Ambulance (03/09/2016)
-Would I go back to when I was thirteen years old? (25/11/2016)
-An Image of a 'Normal' Boy (28/02/2017)
-To My Bullies (28/04/2017)
-Fear (19/05/2017)

Diving Into Dyspraxia (18/07/2014)
-Dyspraxic, But Also Fantastic (11/10/2014)
-Hats on for Christmas (Dyspraxia Foundation Christmas Appeal 2014) (30/11/2014)
-The Educational Psychologist's Test (10/05/2015)
-Focusing on Dyspraxia: Reading and Writing (Part 1) (26/07/2015)
-Focusing on Dyspraxia: Reading and Writing (Part 2) (15/08/2015)
-Hope In Darkness (15/10/2015)
-The Dyspraxia Community (24/01/2016)
Summer 2016 Snapshot of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Dyspraxia (12/08/2016)
-This Boy Is Me (15/10/2016)
-Would I go back to when I was thirteen years old? (25/11/2016)
-An Image of a 'Normal' Boy (28/02/2017)
-To My Bullies (28/04/2017)
-Fear (19/05/2017)

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