Silence echoes through houses.

Silence ripples through streets.

Silence shatters through crowds.

Silence tries to hide our voices, but our united roar will never stop...

Our united roar will never stop...Copyright © 2008- Hakan Erenler. All rights reserved.      



I fear I will be ignored again when my small intestine inflame; just like before when a doctor branded the Crohn’s disease symptoms of a nine-year-old boy as ‘imaginary’.

I fear I will be bullied again for not being able to run, write, read or speak ‘normally’; just like before when a group of school boys laughed at my dyspraxia.

I fear I will be standing beside a hospital bed again; just like before when my dad was placed into an induced coma because he developed septicaemia.

I fear I will die alone; looking at a reflected face of a frightened boy, my own face.


In the darkest of times I fear all these things.

However, I have come to realise that in each of these situations there has been someone there to support me; a member of my family, a close friend, a caring teacher, a kind stranger. Thank you for being there for me.

I need to remember what my mum told me, that even on a cloudy day I should always look for the patch of blue in the sky. Then maybe my fears will wash away.

I should always look for the patch of blue in the sky...Copyright © 2017- Jake Borrett. All rights reserved.